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I see life as movement, or a non-stop scene. I express this vision in my artwork through physical movement of the work itself in a ludic, game-like context; puzzles and mazes. Often the inspiration of my work comes from the constant random patterns in nature, like the clouds in the sky. Others are inspired by impermanence in life situations, like: changes of beliefs, relocation, and growing older.

I use a variety of papers in multiple ways; often arranged in layers or molded into three-dimensional forms, making the work appear as a three-dimensional drawing as well as sculpture. For most of my work I assemble repetitive geometric shapes and forms made of paper and other light materials inside envelopes or boxes of translucent paper. The arrangement is random and unfixed to allow movement and unpredictable composition.

Whomever looks at these pieces, sees it for the first time, every time, because what is creating and completing the artwork is always changing; such that light, weather and forms merge and interact. As a result of these dynamic relationships, the work extends beyond my own art process by continuing to make subtle shifts, sustaining an appearance and composition entirely of its own. 

The Sun, (Full view of the piece)
The Sun, (Full view of the piece)